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Tips for a magical Cake Smash

Cake smashes can be so fun – and with a few little tips can end up being pure joy.

1. If you are bringing the cake – do NOT refrigerate the cake. Babies do not like cold, hard frosting. Make sure you take the cake out the night before and let it settle to room temperature

2. Try out cake before session - Give baby a little bit of a cupcake or cake a few days before your session to let them get used to the texture – many babies need a little time to warm up to the new texture and level of sweetness!

3. Feed baby really well before the session. This sounds counter intuitive, but a hungry baby is a cranky baby. A baby who is calm and well fed will take his or her time exploring the new cake and then eating it.

4. Arrive prepared - Make a list of the things that make baby laugh/smile the most and bring it. In the moment you can forget that a fake sneeze and make a baby laugh!

Bring little puffs or cut up fruit or favorite snacks – sometimes placing little bits of a snack hidden behind the cake can make baby excited to start eating!

6. Relax. We will play for the first 15 minutes of the session. The more comfortable baby is with me, the better the images! We will play with legos, tea cups, stuffed animals and stacking boxes before we will ever go near the set. This will ensure baby feels safe and happy with me.

7. Do not EVER shove cake in baby’s face. This is the fastest way to end a smash. If you really want the “cake all over the face look” which is adorable, just take some frosting and lightly wipe on babies cheek. This will be funny and not session ending =)



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