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Photography Studio In Alexandria, VA

  Toddler Photography: Planning a Meltdown-Free Visit

You have chosen Amanda Donohue Photography to do a beautiful photo session with your toddler. Before your appointment with this photography studio in Alexandria, VA, there are a few things to take into consideration. Toddlers can be some of the toughest clients, since they are learning to assert their independence! Here are a few tips to remember.


Pick the right time of day for the session.


Don't schedule your session any time near nap time. A tired toddler will not feel like being a super model. Some time right between the sleep and wake period is usually the best. Don't schedule the shoot for right after naptime if you can help it; it can take a bit for the little one to wake up fully enough to have fun during the shoot.


Don't leave home without the necessities.


The sippy cup, the fave blanket, a certain toy—the items that comfort your toddler when they are in a new place are good to have around for the toddler photography shoot. If you have these items on hand, it can make your toddler feel more at home, and more comfortable at my studio.


Dress the toddler in comfortable clothing.


You may have some really cute outfits in mind for the session, but toddlers can be precarious creatures if they don't like what they're wearing for their visit to the photography studio in Alexandria, VA. Try outfits on before the session and have them wear them around for a few hours to make sure they are happy in what you have chosen!


Bring some bribes and rewards.


There's no shame in bringing along a secret treat or reward to use to bribe a toddler to capture that perfect moment. Something as simple as a promise of a lollipop or surprise can make all the difference in toddler photography efforts. These bribes can be used to get your little one to smile, sit still for the camera, or follow other instructions briefly. I keep little rewards in my studio as well, but if you know your little one loves a certain thing please bring it along for a bribe!

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