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Family Photographer

Details Your Photographer Needs to Get Amazing Family Photos

You've booked your appointment with the photography studio in Virginia, and you can't wait to get your updated family photos done. Before your session, or when you arrive for your appointment, there are certain details you should share with your family photographer to help you ensure you get the very best portraits.


Tell your family photographer who is shy!


Does one of your children feel really awkward about taking pictures? Is there a smaller child who gets a little freaked out if they are not with their mother? Let the family photographer in on these little details. This way, they can work around these little issues and get the best family pictures possible. For example, if the youngest of the group is terribly shy, it may be best to position them with the person that makes them feel most comfortable.


Give the photographer pointers about potential grouping challenges.


Maybe you have two sons who will likely nip and pick at each other if positioned side-by-side. Perhaps one of your family members won't be so happy about being placed with their arm around another. Don't be ashamed to disclose any of these kinds of details before the photo shoot. Families typically come along with these challenges, especially in larger groups. Also, if anyone in the group is particularly worried about a double chin, arms, or a bald spot, now is the time to discreetly share that information - once your photographer knows your concern, she can make sure everyone looks their very best.


Fill the photographer in if anyone has special needs.


It is not uncommon for some groups to have either a child or adult in the mix that has some physical or developmental limitations. For example, if one of the children has autism, they may be less enthusiastic about being touched for help to pose. Likewise, if anyone has a physical disability or mobility challenge, these are things your photographer will need to know. If anyone in your group has any special needs, make sure you let the photographer at the photography studio in Virginia know when you schedule the appointment. Amanda Donohue Photography has extensive experience with children who are sensitive to noise, touch, lights, etc. It can make all the difference in the world to know up front if a child needs a small accommodation to feel comfortable.

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