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Baby Photographer

  7 Steps a Qualified Newborn Photographer Takes to Keep Your Baby Safe

There's nothing more precious than a newborn curled up for photos. However, it is really important for parents to only work with a newborn photographer who is experienced and follows all the safe practices to keep babies safe during the shoot. Baby photography is so specialized, and it takes great time and care. Here is a list of some of the things the best newborn baby photographer will do during a shoot to avoid posing any risk to your precious little one.


 Safe Photo Session Tips with Newborns


1. The photographer will always wash and sanitize their hands before your session begins.


2. Great care will always be taken to support the baby's neck.


3. The parent will be involved with extra hands for added support. Prop shots will have a safety spotter at all times.


4. The baby photographer will take breaks to soothe the baby and allow for feedings between poses. This keeps baby happy and relaxed for photos.


5. Only the gentlest materials will come in contact with your baby's skin. 


6. Props will be properly sanitized before the photo shoot.


7. The photographer will always notify clients of any illness, a good photographer will never risk allowing a baby in studio with a cold or any other symptoms.


An experienced photographer will ALWAYS reschedule if they are the slightest bit sick, and they will have no qualms about rescheduling if any member of your family is sick. Keeping the studio clean and sanitized is very important.


 Work Only with a Professional for Newborn Baby Photos


Taking pictures of newborns is hard work, and requires a great amount of skill. You can count on the very best when you visit the studio, safety, cleanliness and a warm inviting space. Contact Amanda Donohue Photography for more information about our baby photography sessions.

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