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Baby Photography

Cake Smash Baby Photography: What to Expect

When the one-year milestone rolls around for your baby, it is time for an all-out celebration, and the portraits to commemorate this birthday will be cherished for years to come. The cake smash is just as it sounds: baby gets a small cake to do with as they wish. When planning your trip to my Alexandria, VA studio, here are a few things to help you plan!


Bring an Outfit - Or Choose From My Studio Collection


I have a large collection of amazing cake smash outfits in my studio, you are welcome to use any of my smash outfits, or bring your own. I recommend two outfits total, one outfit for a few portraits before the smash, and a second outfit for the wonderful mess! If you have an outfit you are bringing, please send me a photo of the outfit, and have your child try it on and wear it around the house a few times before the shoot. This way baby will be comfortable and you can see if there are any fit issues before the session.


The Cake!


My wonderful cake lady delivers to the studio the day of your smash, or you may choose to bring your own. If you do bring your own, please make sure the cake is not cold or refrigerated - babies do not love cold frosting! Please also give baby some frosting/cake a few days before the shoot to let them get used to the texture and sweetness - this is so different from anything they have ever tasted!


Bring a Change of Clothes for Mom or Dad


Most parents remember to bring extra clothes for baby, but they forget baby may want to be picked up covered in frosting! Please plan to bring a change of clothes for mom or dad, that way no one has to drive home covered in cake.


Feed Baby Before Session


Don't forget a full tummy makes for a happy baby. Please feed baby before you arrive so they are happy and ready to eat cake! Also, if baby has a favorite food, such as blueberries, strawberries, puffs, etc., please bring a small container of that snack - sometimes if a baby doesn't love the cake we can sneak blueberries behind it to make it more appealing!

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