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Making stunning photos - Safely!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

How was this image done? Can a baby really pose like this safely?

This is a perfect example of how photographers can achieve a magical image safely. This baby was supported and held the whole time during this shot. Photoshop magic allows baby to appear to be doing this “froggy” shot alone, but really she is being held by mom or dad in the image.

Photoshop allows me to merge two images together to give the appearance of baby sitting like this alone. Magic. Art. Beauty.

In my studio, my safety practices have been in place for years. I never deviate from them. If I ever have be more than arms length away from baby in a prop, I have a spotter. All those cute bucket shots you see? There is a parent standing right over them with a hand on their head – photoshop allows me to make it look like baby is alone.

Safety is what makes newborn images so much fun. Parents can relax and enjoy the session, and never worry about the baby. They can see the baby safely posed and monitored at all times, which is what make the session stress free for all.

As a mother myself I understand the feeling of handing over an 8 day old baby to someone new. Your newborn is handled with the utmost care, every time, every pose, every minute in my studio. This is my promise to you.



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