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Cake Smash Sessions - Prep & Prepare

Congratulations on this huge milestone! Turning one is such a celebration for parents and baby!

Cake smash sessions will last approximately an hour. We will spend the first 15 minutes of the session playing, and warming up baby - this is my secret to happy smashers!

The Cake - clients provide the cake for their sessions. I have a wonderful baker who will make a delightful cake that matches your set, and she delivers to my studio. Her website is Please make sure to contact her as soon as you decide on your theme! If you bring your own cake, please do NOT BRING A COLD/REFRIGERATED cake. This is very important - babies do not want to touch cold/hard frosting. Please leave the cake out at room temperature overnight before your session.

Timing - I highly recommend scheduling smash at baby's best time of day - following a nap, or first thing in the morning when baby is happiest. If you schedule smash 3-4 weeks prior to your home birthday party I will have your images available before your celebration.

Outfits - I have plenty of smash outfits available for use in my studio, or you are welcome to bring your own. You may bring one outfit for photos without the cake, and then a second outfit for the smash. Remember we have a short window with a happy, tolerant baby, so I don't recommend too many clothing changes! I also highly recommend a change of clothes for mom, who may also be covered in frosting at the end of the session.

Clean up - my favorite method is the splash tub! Babies love to take a warm bubble bath after their cake smash, and it makes for magical images. If you don't choose the smash tub I have warm wet towels for happy cleanup so baby doesn't leave covered in frosting!


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