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First Birthday Cake Smash - Logan

This sassy little firecracker was smiling and cheesing the whole time. I have the BEST time watching cake smashes – seeing babies taste cake, and then watching the crazy mess that ensues!

Some babies finger paint with the cake, throw it in the air, tip it over, wipe it across their faces…and my favorite of all? Babies who put their whole face in the cake.

This amazing set inspiration came from mom who asked me for a winter wonderland theme, without too much Christmas. Knowing mom loves all things sparkly, glittery, gold and beautiful, I designed this set hoping to match the personality of this fantastic little lady.

She did not disappoint us in the entertainment department – we laughed the whole time at her antics – such a supermodel ham!

I love designing custom sets – every child is different, and every parent has different dreams for their child’s first birthday.

I love creating wonder, whimsy and joy, and making baby’s first birthday smash magical.

Side note – all the planning in the world for a gorgeous set won’t matter if your baby isn’t happy and comfortable. I have developed a system to ensure every baby is happy and joyful during their smash – no need to worry if you have a shy/on the move/or cautious baby. I have seen in all and have so many ways to make sure baby is happy, calm and has a great time!



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