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Sitter sessions - how to prepare!

What is a sitter session exactly?

When baby is approximately 6-9 months, they learn to sit on their own for the first time. This is my FAVORITE time to photograph little ones - they are so proud to be sitting, and at this age they smile at everything!

Sitter sessions are the next session after their newborn photos to document baby's first year of milestones!

I provide all the outfits for both boys and girls - I have an incredible collection of hand made outfits to make their sessions amazing. At this stage they will tolerate approximately 3 outfit changes/setups before they get sleepy. You are welcome to bring any outfits you like for me to incorporate into your session.

Timing - please schedule session after a nap or first thing in the morning when baby is happiest. I recommend giving baby a really good feeding before arriving at my studio to make sure baby is content.

Bring - favorite toys, extra milk and anything you know makes baby smile!



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