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Welcome to the world baby Mary!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

This little lady came to my studio in Alexandria, VA for her newborn session, and slept through the whole experience! Coming from a household full of siblings she probably wondered why it was so quiet!

I love hearing the stories that come with my newborn clients, and I love hearing how much joy a newborn has brought to a family. New life can bring so many changes, so much love, so much hope.

Capturing images of a new baby makes my heart full. I know how much newborns change, and how quickly it happens. Preserving images of their tiny little toes, button noses, fuzzy hair and squishy cheeks means that when those little babies head off to college, mom and dad will still be able to look back at the time when they first met their child.

I remind parents all the time as well that they can hand those images down to their own children.

I am honored every time a family chooses me to capture this important time, and I know how much they will love those images in the future.



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